Article Written By: Nexus Supplies

The most common problem for computer repair is hard drive crashes. As it happens, hard drives are very delicate components and sensitive to external conditions. Laptops and desktops therefore need to be dealt with carefully. Here are the most common causes as reported by services for PC repairs Bishops Stortford.

Physical shock

The inside of a hard drive consists of one or more platters that store data and headers that can read that information or write to them. It can stop working if it receives a physical shock as a result of:

  • Dropping the computer down
  • Knocking the desktop accidently
  • Too much movement during transportation

If the headers are misaligned or broken, the data in the hard drive can still be recovered through the platters.

Dust and dirt

This is the second most likely cause of hard drive failure. When dust accumulates on the insides of the hard drive, it interferes with the highly precise platter and header arrangement, thereby making it useless.

When dust gathers on the hard drive body, it traps more of the heat making the hard drive run very hot. This is not a good condition over the long term and your drive will eventually stop working. It is important to properly protect your hard drives and clean them once every few months.

Magnetic interference

Hard disk drives have very powerful magnets to hold platters in place and access data. If they come across strong electric or magnetic fields, they can be damaged quite easily. If your hard drive has suffered from such problem computer maintenance Bishops Stortford service can help you restore your data.

It is important in general for you to keep your laptop safe and handle it carefully. If your laptop or desktop has a Solid State Drive instead, you can avoid a lot of the problems mentioned above.