Nobody likes to work with a laptop screen that is wobbly. It’s not just annoying, but tiring too. How would you feel if you have to constantly move those laptop hinges only to align your screen. Faulty laptops and screen hinges may lead to other problems as well. This could cause problems while you open or close the laptop, or if you want to deal with another detached screen. Therefore, it is best to consider laptop repairs Bishops Stortford to fix these hinges as soon as a defect is detected. It takes only about a few minutes to fix screen hinges and avoid damage. For more information visit us at Nexus Supplies


Steps to Take

  • Unplug the laptop and remove battery. Before any repair or disassembly, you need to remove the battery to reduce risk of an electric shock.
  • Inspect the keyboard to find out if any screw is responsible for hinges appearing on the screen. Keyboard covers generally have a plastic strip to fill up the gap between the upper and lower part of the keyboard and LCD screen. There are some keyboards that tend to snap into this place. Find out what’s wrong.
  • Pry off the keyboard’s cover using a flathead screwdriver. A cover of the hinge is usually attached to the keyboard cover. Unscrew the covers to check if everything is fine.
  • Unscrew the screen bezel too, which lies as a small frame of plastic, outlining the LCD screen of the laptop. Most of these bezels are screwed beneath rubber stoppers, small ones.
  • After tightening all the screws, you can put things back in place and check the screen.